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Staff Picks

Universal Stone

Lesley Boaventura

Universal Stone is a fantastic product, easy to use and cleans almost everything without any harmful or toxic chemicals. Universal stone is compressed power made from earth polishing clay, glycerin, green soap flakes, and vegetable oil and perfume oils.

Cuisipro Decorating Pen

Frances Koltowski

I use the Cuisipro Decorating Pen when I’m baking something special that I want to decorate quickly, without making too big a mess. Since I’m not a trained pastry chef or cake decorator, it allows me to make cakes and cookies for friends on special occasions even more special.

Epicurean Cutting Board

Elizabeth Matthews

I personally love the epicurean cutting boards, its evorimently safe product which is made from certified fibers. It will not dull your knives or hold any bacteria and can even go into the dishwasher. Epicurean cutting boards are heat resist and can be used as a trivet or to warm appetizers.

Scanpan Frying Pan

Nubia Guzman

I really enjoy using my Scanpan fry pan every morning to make breakfast for my family , its non stick surface is eco friendly has no toxic fumes and its scratch resistance allows me to use any utensil I want, even stainless steel. This pan is the best non stick pan I have ever owned and I think everyone should have it. If you don’t believe me, we have a try-me pan for only $39.99 try it you will love it. I know I do.

Nawrocki Scrubber

Geri Pouloski

I call it the miracle worker. It’s small but powerful. There is nothing it cannot do. From the fridge to the stove, pots and pans, countertops and cupboards, there is nothing it cannot clean. But it doesn’t end there. Anywhere there is a job to been done reach for the scrubber. Another example is the bathroom. From toilets to tubs, grout lines, and sinks, no job is too small. After use just rinse out and leave to dry, or throw into the washer with your towels.

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